Underground Utility mapping surveyors and drainage consultants

Contact Details

Range of activities

PipeTrack 3D Gyroscopic Mapping Surveys; Underground Utility Location & Mapping; Topographic Surveys; Detailed Drainage Surveys and Consulting; Confined Space Surveys.

Principle Items Of Equipment

PipeTrack 3D Gyroscopic Mapping:Flusher Sewer Cleansing Systems: SPR Scan GPR Systems: Mala Easy Locate Radar Systems: Radiodetection RD4000 Systems: Trimble GPS Systems:Trimble & Nikon Total Stations: Rodding CCTV Systems.

Service Offered

CCTV Surveys, OS Operator, Sewer Jetting, Blockage Clearance, Confined Spaces, Nr&Sw Units, Sewer Mapping, Consultancy Services

Geographical Area

United Kingdom


David Pitt Managing Director
Susan Pitt Finance Director
Robert Pitt Technical Director
Michael Pitt Operations Director
Jeremy Yeates Business Development Manager


Full Time Technical 8
Administrative staff 5
Others 2