National Sewerage Association

of the United Kingdom

The members of the National Sewerage Association are, generally, engaged in the inspection and maintenance of drainage and sewerage systems working to nationally accepted standards. Some specialise whilst others provide a broader range of services.

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Corona Virus has been found to be present in sewerage but there does not seem to be any evidence that it is transferable. However, it is important to increase our vigilance regarding PPE which all our site personnel should be wearing as a matter of course. Sanitary provisions must be maintained and increased activity in respect of hand washing should be strenuously encouraged.

Public Health guidance on hand washing, the use of tissues for coughs and sneezes and avoiding touching the face should be followed (site staff should be doing this anyway). The recommendation is that face masks should be worn when dealing with members of the public if practicable.  Those feeling unwell or in a household where someone is unwell should self-isolate. Social distancing should be maintained where possible.

This situation continues to be fluid and the observance of Government guidelines is strongly recommended.




It has been noted that some companies continue to display the NSA logo when they have rescinded membership of the Association.  Please check the membership list to ensure that their membership is still current.  We are only able to offer an arbitration service in respect of current members.