The Manual of Sewer Condition Classification – Fifth Edition is currently being used as the National standard for reporting on the internal structure of drains and sewers by the Water companies. This will be the only accepted standard for the AMP period commencing in 2020. Training courses to update from previous editions are well under way.  It should also be noted that certification will be re-assessed every five years. 

The general specification for CCTV equipment is contained within the Model Contract Document for Sewer Condition Inspection. WRc at Swindon publishes both documents, as well as the Jetting Code of Practice. 

Develop organise training courses in respect of picture interpretation and these are predominately held at Swindon. Two courses are run for piped drains and sewers (OS19X and OS20X) and one course is held for brick sewers (OS21X). The OS19X is a five day course and is recommended for those with no previous experience of coding whilst the OS20X is a three day course where previous experience is assumed. A conversion course (OS30X) is also available for moving from previous certification to the latest edition. All have a post course test and the pass certificate is highly valued.  

The first certificates were issued in 1981 and the OS19X/OS20X pass certificate is pre-requisite for all operators who prepare CCTV reports for long term records purposes for all the U.K. Water Plcs. Those reporting on brick sewers require the OS21X.                                   

For those working primarily in the domestic market, the NSA in conjunction with Water Training introduced a City and Guilds Course for the Inspection & Maintenance of Private Drainage Systems (OS17). The certification relates to private drainage systems to a maximum pipe diameter of 175mm. There are three credits to the certificate that can be taken separately. 

Credit 1 (1 day)   covers the legal and ownership responsibilities for the sewerage system and customer care.

Credit 2 (2 days) covers drain and sewer cleaning with high pressure water.

Credit 3 (2 days) covers CCTV inspection of private drainage systems. 

Additional modules are being added and, to date, these include Practical Camera Inspection and Cured in Place Pipe Linings (Ambient Cure). 

These courses prepare the operator to meet the requirements of the latest edition of The Drain Repair Book published by WRc in conjunction with the Insurance industry and will be pertinent to those seeking to meet the TrustMark criteria for drain repair and maintenance. 

Develop run a full programme of courses relating to the Sewerage and Water industry and information can be obtained by contacting Course Bookings for a copy of the current Water and Environment Training Programme.


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