Drainage maintenance contractor

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Range of activities

Sewer and culvert cleaning using high capacity jetting and suction, using unique custom built combination tankers. The water recycling system, provides the capability to jet sewers in excess of 2.0m dia., over a distance of 300m, and to remove debris by suction, from depths in excess of 30m with access over 100m from vehicles without the frequent stops for water filling by using the immense suction of the main unit and mobile hose-reels mounted on 4 x 4 vehicles we are able to clean in areas normally excluded to large conventional vehicles

Principle Items Of Equipment

9 4-axle Combi Units (7 being water-recycling) 1 3-axle Combi 1 4-axle vacuum tanker 1 2-axle jetter 1 2-axle `3 in 1' 2 gully emptiers 8 drain maintenance and blockage clearance vans 5 CCTV systems 1 CCTV micro unit

Area Offices/Depots

Luton, Pontefract, Wellingborough, Deeside

Service Offered

CCTV Surveys, OS Operator, Sewer Jetting, Blockage Clearance, Pipe Repair, Pipe Rehabilitation, Confined Spaces, Nr&Sw Units

Geographical Area

England & Wales, including Isle of Wight


Chris Gifkins Director - General Affairs
Paul Steedman Director - Sales and Operations
Philip Sore Business Manager


OS Certificate Holders 8
Full Time Technical 5
Administrative staff 8
Others 36