Transfer of Private Drains and Sewers

This press release from SBWWI demonstrates that the industry is taking this issue very seriously and wishes to see a smooth takeover with the minimum of job losses when the Water Companies take ownership.

The work will still be there but for the smaller business but there will inevitably changes in procedures.  It is essential that you have the proper training to satisfy the end client that you are safety aware and competent.  The Energy and Utility Skills Council are almost ready to activate the Drainage Operatives Registration Scheme (see article - What's in the Pipeline).

The NSA is happy to respond, where they can, to any queries you may have at this time.

16 June 2009: SBWWI announces the launch of the Private Sewers Forum. The Forum, initially comprising of representatives from SBWWI, Water UK, NSA, UKSTT, E&U Skills and PIG, has been established to ensure that the supply industry will be ready and prepared for the challenges that will be faced when the transfer of private sewers to water company ownership happens in April 2011.  
Its main objectives are to:
o        Facilitate open discussion with all stakeholders to clearly understand the expectations of all parties
o        Influence the process through regular dialogue with DEFRA, the Regulators and the Water companies
o        Communicate with the wider industry and encourage discussion through a series of roadshows, workshops and individual meetings
o        Understand procurement requirements of the WASCs and facilitate discussion within all levels of the supply chain
o        Provide smaller drainage companies in particular, an opportunity to participate fully in the process
At its inaugural meeting on 28 May, 2009 the Forum’s Chairman, Martyn Hopkinson, Business Development Director, Future Environmental Services, and Vice-Chairman of SBWWI commented “The SBWWI felt that the whole supply chain needed to ensure that it was at the heart of any decisions that were made on the transfer and be able to react as required in a consistent and conjoined manner. We were delighted with the response from other stakeholders in the industry to establish this Forum”.
Carol Hickman, Executive Director, SBWWI, 38 Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4LY. Tel: 01926 831 530. email:,uk.