ISO 9001 designer, manufacturer and distributor of CCTV pipe inspection equipment.cable and pipe locators

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Designer, manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive range of non explosion proof and explosion proof pipe inspection equipment. The range includes both portable and mainline systems with pan and tilt, hemispherical viewing and forward view CCTV cameras. These systems can be supplied in purpose made 'boxes' or built into individually designed specialist vehicles.

Principle Items Of Equipment

C.A.T and Genny, RD7000+ and RD8000 cable and pipe locators. Explosion Proof Products to the European Cenelec and American Factory Mutual Certification:Pearpoint flexiprobe camera, Flexiscan camera, Pearpoint P340 flexiprobe and Pearpoint P350 flexitrax four wheel tractor, remotely controlled elevator, range of light heads.Non-Explosion Proof Products:Mini Flexiprobe system, pan and tilt camera, flexiprobe camera, Flexiscan camera, tractors, cable drums, light heads.Pan and rotate mainline colour inspection system. Zoom pan and rotate colour camera.

Service Offered

Equipment Supplier, Training Provider

Geographical Area

United Kingdom and Ireland, USA, Europe, Australasia, Middle and Far East


Nigel Young Service Manager
Robert White Sales Manager


Full Time Technical 130
Administrative staff 50