Compliance Monitoring

The Association needed to be able to demonstrate that it is actively monitoring its Members’ compliance with the Customer Service Standards which are a condition of membership of the Association.

A formal monitoring procedure has therefore been developed that is appropriate to the needs of the Association and is manageable within available resources.


All Members are required to complete and submit to the Secretary a Monitoring Form on an annual basis. The form is designed around the Customer Service Standards and is intended as a check list to remind members of the standards and to prompt internal company consideration of the adequacy of their procedures and application. The form has to be signed by a Director of the Member Company

To augment the information reported on the form, each year a 10% random sample of Members are selected to be visited by the Secretary and/or Chairman for the purpose of carrying out an audit of their procedures. Ad hoc audits may be instituted if prompted by reports of a member’s poor performance. The results of these audits are kept confidential unless disciplinary action under the NSA constitution is considered justified.

Among the areas monitored are that:-

  • Prior written statement/quotation supplied to customer (Except in emergency cases) {1b)}
  • Operational vehicles marked with Company name {1c)}
  • All employees carry identity card with photo and Company contact phone number. {1d)}
  • Health & Safety Policy established & displayed in Company office(s). {1g)}
  • Employees’ training up to date & records maintained {1h)}
    • e.g. Use of Breathing Apparatus
    • Confined Space Entry
    • NR&SW Act units
    • OS 19, 20, 21, 22
    • High Pressure Water Jetting

Procedures are in place for:

  1. ensuring that equipment is serviced and calibrated correctly. 
  2. recording and dealing with Customer Complaints  
  3. monitoring quality of service. 

{   } refer to the appropriate clause in the Customer Service Standards