Training Notes

Sewer Defect Classification - Pipe and Brick Sewers

The Manual of Sewer Defect Classification: Edition 4 is currently being used in reporting systems but training is now to Edition 5 which reflects the revised standards in BS EN 13508-2:2003+A1.  The coding system was developed in the United Kingdom in 1981 to give consistency to reporting defects in drains and sewers.  It is recognised by the Water Companies, Insurance Industry, Highways and Environment Agencies.  Certificates are issued to personnel who have passed the post course examination.

Water Jetting

Codes of Practice have been issued by both the Water Jetting Association and WRc to ensure both the integrity of the system and the safety of operators.  Certification is issued by the Water Jetting Association assessors following training. 

Confined Space Entry

All staff likely to work in confined spaces (these include areas other than manholes and sewers) should have the appropriate training.  It should be noted that certificates need renewing every three years.

New Roads & Street Works Units

Various Units are required dependant on the nature of the work being carried out on the highway.  Member company staff working on the highway are trained in lighting, signing and coning as a minimum.

Personal Track Safety

Any staff working on rail lines (Railways and Underground systems) are required to undergo training by the relevant authority.  Health requirements are more stringent.

First Aid

 All units carry First Aid boxes and on larger teams staff will be First Aid trained.